Hans Christian Andersen in China

New publication about the significance of Hans Christian Andersen in China.

Hans Christian Andersen is known and loved throughout the modern China. With his fairytales and stories the Danish poet and writer builds a bridge of imagination, sympathy and warmth between people and readers as well as between Chinese and Danes.

This collection of studies is the result of an exceptional working relationship between researchers from Fudan University in Shanghai and the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, initiated when we met in Shanghai in 2011 to launch a research project on “The Global Significance of Hans Christian Andersen”.

The book deals with Andersen’s significance, unmatched for at transnational author, in China, and with the first translations of his tales by which, a century ago, he was introduced  to Chinese readers. It provides insights from a variety of literary, cultural, and political perspectives. Above all, the book bears witness to a common engagement with the task of achieving insight and understanding.

The book can be purchased at the University Press of Southern Denmark: http://www.universitypress.dk/shop/hans-christian-andersen-3347p.html