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Symposium 2016

We – at the official foundation for #Andersen – held a symposium the 9th of November. We couldn’t have picked a day, where the lack of his values are more conspicuous. The program startet almost as Trump won the election. Teachers, principals, professors, museum officials and other interested parties gathered; discussing how to apply these values –… Read more »

Hans Christian Andersen in China

New publication about the significance of Hans Christian Andersen in China. Hans Christian Andersen is known and loved throughout the modern China. With his fairytales and stories the Danish poet and writer builds a bridge of imagination, sympathy and warmth between people and readers as well as between Chinese and Danes. This collection of studies… Read more »

Hans Christian Andersen in the modern society.

A Danish anthology comprising analysis and articles about modern characteristics in Hans Christian Andersen’s oeuvre. The book can be purchased at the University Press of Southern Denmark (only in Danish)