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Symposium 2016

We – at the official foundation for #Andersen – held a symposium the 9th of November. We couldn’t have picked a day, where the lack of his values are more conspicuous. The program startet almost as Trump won the election. Teachers, principals, professors, museum officials and other interested parties gathered; discussing how to apply these values –… Read more »

The Hans Christian Andersen Festival

The Hans Christian Andersen Festival is to be held in 2014 from 16 August – 24 August. The Hans Christian Andersen Festival is the context for fairytale cultural activities for people of all ages. A familiar Hans Christian Andersen universe of theatrical productions, talks and guided tours – but a festival that also features such highly… Read more »

Odense Flower Festival

Odense Flower Festival is to be held in 2014 from 13 August – 16 August. This year’s theme is ‘Denmark’s loveliest garden’ and it will also include Hans Christian Andersen activities for children. Website for the festival:  ralph lauren uk,ralph lauren italia,christian louboutin sale,louis vuitton uk,ralph lauren australia

Hans Christian Andersen’s Odense

Odense is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. This is where the famous fairy tale writer was born in 1805, the son of a poor shoemaker and a washerwoman, and with one foot in the Middle Ages and the other in modernity. Odense has changed a lot since then, though there are still buildings and… Read more »